vogue Friday’s right 10

in view that we formally launched “style Friday” on antique trader’s facebook page last yr, I’ve posted many clothes and robes from all distinct eras. despite the fact we all seem to love the pleasing creations designed through apartment of worth from the 1800s-1900s, the largest surprise for me is that none of them cracked the accurate 10. however these are the fashions that did make the record of the community’s favorites from 2020.

10: Dainty Blossom

"Dainty Blossom" hand-painted silk ensemble by Daisy Stanford, circa 1925.

“Dainty Blossom” hand-painted silk ensemble with the aid of Daisy Stanford, circa 1925.

How adorable is this? i can photograph the infant who wore it normally twirling, so that her hooded cape would billow out. this is a “Dainty Blossom” hand-painted silk ensemble through Daisy Stanford, circa 1925, now in the collection of the FIDM Museum and Galleries, l. a.. Hand-painted novelties, including attire, scarves and ribbons, had been usual in the young adults and twenties and this three-piece ensemble elements gentle hand-painted butterflies and a fairy riding a shell teach amidst daffodils. The name of the ensemble suggests that the fanciful imagery should be would becould very well be concerning a fairy-story. 

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9: Gatsby Glam

Teal silk velvet evening dress designed by Callot Soeurs, circa 1926.

Teal silk velvet evening gown designed by means of Callot Soeurs, circa 1926.

the entire glamour and decadence of the Roaring Twenties is correctly conveyed in this teal silk velvet evening gown for you to image Zelda Fitzgerald wearing to one in all her and husband F. Scott’s wild events. that includes glass beading, metal embroidery and wealthy Moorish-trend embellishment, this costume is circa 1926 and become designed by using the French business Callot Soeurs, one of the most leading trend design homes of the 1910s and 1920s. it’s now within the Robert and Penny Fox ancient Costume assortment at Drexel college in Pennsylvania.

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8: Maple Leaves healthy for a Queen

"Maple Leaf of Canada dress," designed by Norman Hartwell, 1957.

“Maple Leaf of Canada dress,” designed by way of Norman Hartwell, 1957.

This “Maple Leaf of Canada dress” turned into designed for Queen Elizabeth through her British couturier Norman Hartwell to put on for her four-day consult with to Canada in 1957. The ballgown has a garland of green velvet maple leaves mingled with white roses, the emblem of the condominium of York. every leaf is appliquéd with crystal and imitation emeralds; the white roses are formed with crystals, imitation white pearls, and imitation diamonds. Her Majesty wore the dress at a state dinner party and reception (proven below). 


7: Lakota/Teton Sioux Beaded costume

Lakota/Teton Sioux, Native American tanned leather and bead dress, ca. 1870.

Lakota/Teton Sioux, Native American tanned leather-based and bead costume, ca. 1870.


This Lakota/Teton Sioux, Native American tanned leather and bead dress is circa 1870 and turned into probably made in North or South Dakota. in keeping with the Met Museum, vertical lanes of beadwork, in area of the commonplace horizontal configuration, provide this gown its distinct character. The U-formed motif on the decrease center represents Turtle, a logo of vigor regarding women’s lengthy existence, decent health and insurance plan. Like most bead people within the mid-nineteenth century, the maker of this costume liked tiny glass Venetian seed beads over the higher pony beads normal in prior durations. 

6: Scottish gown à L’anglaise

Robe a l'anglaise, 1745.

robe a l’anglaise, 1745.

Scottish writer Margaret Oliphant of Gask wore this gown a l’anglaise in 1745 to the remarkable Ball of Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh. here’s a fascinating story about how the national Museums of Scotland restored this mantua costume returned to its full glory: https://hubs.li/H0y-9YL0

5: Silver-Gilt and Spangles

Satin evening dress with silk and silver-gilt embroidered panels, by Jays Ltd, London, c.1908.

Satin night dress with silk and silver-gilt embroidered panels, by Jays Ltd, London, c.1908.

This satin evening gown trimmed with velvet became designed through Jays Ltd, London, circa 1908, and contours silk and silver-gilt embroidered panels imported from Turkey. It also gets lots of its sparkle from spangles, pearls and diamantes. 

4: Haute Hungarian

A Hungarian costume featuring a cambric blouse and velvet skirt, mid-17th century.

Hungarian costume that includes a cambric blouse and velvet skirt, mid-17th century.


The fashioned proprietor can now not be traced, but it’s believed that this mid-seventeenth century Hungarian costume belonged to both Hungarian Prince Pál Esterházy’s first wife, Orsolya Esterházy, or his 2nd spouse, Éva Thököly. as a result of the reduce and embroidery, it be also believed that either girl may have worn it at her wedding. that includes a cambric blouse and velvet skirt, the ensemble has a sample of Renaissance flower trees embroidered in steel threads and is elaborately decorated with coral beads. The outfit changed into in the beginning light blue, however is now grayish eco-friendly.

3: ideal for Welcoming Spring

"May" ball gown by Christian Dior for spring/summer 1953.

“may additionally” ball costume with the aid of Christian Dior for spring/summer time 1953.


Christian Dior designed this “may also” ball gown for his spring/summer time line in 1953. according to the Met Museum, Dior reveled in the paradox of the herbal and the refined, and the most telling example of here’s how he would generally current himself not as a man who symbolized the authority of French taste, however quite as an easy gardener. He designed might also with flowering grasses and wild clover, rendered in silk floss on organza. This “primary” patterning of meadow-long gone-to-weed is composed of the tiniest French knots and the meticulously measured hand stitches via his embroiderer, Rebé, who gave the gown an optical effect of a meadow’s variegation. 

2: A marvel for Queen Maud

Silk-tulle evening gown, circa 1905.

Silk-tulle night dress, circa 1905.


This gentle sequined silk-tulle night costume, made in Paris around 1905, turned into worn via Queen Maud of Norway. In dusky blue and sea foam eco-friendly, the costume is encrusted with gold.

1: pretty in purple

Oleg Cassini's pink silk chiffon strapless evening gown for First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, 1963.

Oleg Cassini’s red silk chiffon strapless night dress for First lady Jacqueline Kennedy, 1963.

Jackie had noticed this photograph of Audrey Hepburn wearing the original yellow version of the dress in the May 11, 1962 issue of LIFE magazine, designed by Hubert de Givenchy. She supplied Oleg Cassini with a sketch, and he created a version in pink for her.

Hubert de Givenchy’s original 1962 sari-impressed design, worn through Audrey Hepburn.

Your favorite dress of 2020 is the crimson silk chiffon strapless evening dress designed for First lady Jacqueline Kennedy in 1963. Jackie first noticed a picture of Audrey Hepburn donning the original yellow version of this costume in a 1962 concern of life journal and asked her personal couturier, Oleg Cassini, to make it for her. based on Hubert de Givenchy’s 1962 sari-impressed design, Cassini created his version in purple, delicately beaded with porcelain and rhinestones. Jackie wore it to the outlet of the Mona Lisa show at the country wide Gallery of artwork, Washington, DC, in January 1963. She also wore it on the White condominium state dinner honoring President Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan of India in June 1963.