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I met my first professional Santa Claus three years in the past in New Mexico, the place i was photographing cowboys, gunslingers, snake handlers, and Civil battle–era reenactors. One field made a convincing 1860s Union soldier, finished with authentic costume and rifle musket. After we had accomplished the shoot, he requested if he could show me a very distinctive persona that he portrayed. I agreed, and he returned fifteen minutes later as Santa Claus.

We Are Santa/hardcover/$22.95

we are Santa/hardcover/$22.ninety five

shortly after that, I saw a news story concerning the Charles W. Howard Santa school, the oldest Santa practising software within the nation. This concept—that there is an actual faculty for Santas—changed into a new one to me, but i was automatically intrigued with the aid of the seriousness with which the faculty’s students pursued the artwork and craft of embodying Santa Claus. It wasn’t long before I realized that Santa Claus is the most photographed personality in the world. That’s when i assumed to myself, who greater, then, to be the focal point of a brand new images mission? Santa, of direction.

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I’ve at all times enjoyed assembly and photographing americans who observe their passions, specifically when those ambitions take them some distance backyard the realm of their day by day lives. moreover historical reenactors, I’ve photographed clowns, drag queens, and, of direction, Santas. On the surface, they’re very diverse agencies of people, but these “transformers” are united of their dedication to their callings and of their eagerness to creatively reinvent themselves bodily as they embody their characters of option.

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With the assistance of two main Santa reserving brokers, I organized picture shoots with dozens of desirable knowledgeable Santas in cities across the nation. I requested them to arrive at the studio in street outfits—no bells, no pink swimsuit—in order that I could take their pictures, to be presented in black and white.

That’s when the real fun started. In what turned into often an intricate and lengthy physical transformation, each Santa became his favourite swimsuit for a different set of photographs, this time in full color. through these photograph classes, I learned lots about Santa’s cloth cabinet and accessories, in addition to special padding and all manner of props. Many introduced two or greater suits for diverse looks, and as I traveled from city to metropolis, I discovered myself both surprised and impressed through the variety and range of the persona we understand without difficulty as Santa.

extra importantly, I discovered in regards to the dedication, professionalism, commitment and character of those people. they’re deeply dedicated to their mission—to the infants they meet, to the integrity of their persona, to the spirit of the season, and to the heritage and traditions of Santa Claus. every one is an concept.

James B. Nuckles

James B. Nuckles, Decatur, Georgia

all the way through an look at Georgia State college, Santa James turned into approached via a young woman whose grandmother turned into within the audience. The elderly woman had confided to her granddaughter that she had never taken a picture with Santa Claus, and now she turned into making an attempt to get from her wheelchair as much as the raised platform where Santa James changed into headquartered. “I talked about, ‘stay where you are,’ and went right down to the place she changed into. I bought on my knees, put my fingers around her shoulder, and talked about, ‘mother, I’m right here,’ and i instructed the photographer, ‘Snap away.’ She observed i used to be the first black Santa Claus she’d ever considered in her whole life!” — James B. Nuckles, Decatur, Georgia